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“ A large network is better than an independent agency. ” Really?

When making their marketing pitch, large real estate networks invariably invoke their high volume of total sales, their vast numbers of branches and brokers, and their “wall-to-wall” presence across the region, province or country (if not entire planet). Sure, this may be great for the ego, but it has no impact whatsoever on their ability to actually help homeowners sell their property.

The true test of an agency’s potential – from the consumer’s point of view – is being able to objectively appraise a property’s value. Properties have be listed at the right price. There’s nothing worse than playing yo-yo with the price when trying to put a home on the market. But aren’t the selling prices of comparable properties publicly available, you ask? Yes, but you have to know how to interpret these prices and put this information into perspective.

Since its foundation, REALTA has sold its listed properties at 97% of the listing price. What’s more, REALTA brokers sell an average of two times more homes than other brokers in Quebec. For consumers, this is a true winning combination.

I am proud of my team’s impressive performance. Their talent, determination and expertise can’t be beat. They possess in-depth knowledge of the market, future trends and economic indicators affecting our industry. Results like these do not happen overnight, and they certainly have nothing to do with belonging to a large real estate network – no matter how big it may be.

Another real estate myth discredited. After all, it’s hard to deny facts. Fortunately.

François Bissonnette


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