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inforealta Vol. 9 | no 1 Our reason for being

Our reason for being.

Some consumers like to play real estate broker and try to sell their property themselves. Others opt for consulting firms that charge fees for “à la carte” services. Still others shop around the traditional agencies to find the lowest-cost option.

And then there are REALTA customers.

Residential real estate is undergoing sweeping changes. When I founded REALTA in 2008, it was precisely with the goal of offering a different approach to how real estate services are sold. What makes us unique? Our ability to attract and satisfy even the most demanding consumers – those looking for an agency that will take care of everything and bring added value to each step of the process: determining the property’s marketing positioning, establishing the selling price, strategically enhancing the aesthetics of photos, planning the advertising, managing the legal aspects, and more. In other words, REALTA clients are consumers who want more bang for their buck and who demand more from their agency: a stronger commitment, greater efficiency, more availability and flexibility, and deeper expertise. Or to put it more succinctly, better results.

Unlike other agencies, we don’t charge “à la carte” fees or skimp on quality in order to lure customers. Sure, there is a price to our services. But in return, we guarantee peace of mind throughout the entire process. Interestingly, it’s this firm promise that consistently attracts consumers who are disillusioned with the other options on the market.

Understandably, making this kind of promise is easier said than done. You have to be out there on the ground, day after day. And we’re proud to say that that’s what REALTA is all about.

François Bissonnette


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