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inforealta Vol. 9 | no. 3 | Finally Ready for Fall!

Finally Ready for Fall!

With record sales in 2017 that propelled REALTA well above the average of its competitors in the Greater Montreal region, how did the members of our team recharge their batteries over the summer? Here’s a tiny glimpse:
Sébastien’s summer was certainly… prolific. He sold his condo, he bought a house and his two-year-old daughter Sofia will soon have a little brother.
Nicolas finally tackled a project that had been kicking around for years: spending a relaxing holiday in Quebec. Scratch one off the bucket list!
Georges had a sporty summer. Between his numerous golf games, he managed to squeeze in many bike trips (his new passion).
Among other things, Jean-François hosted his annual mega-mechoui for friends and family. Unfortunately, torrential rain dampened things a bit. You guessed it: The event was held sometime between May 15 and August 15…
David moved into a gorgeous apartment in Ahuntsic. Comfort and tranquillity at last!
Murielle, our administrative coordinator, continued her training as a real estate broker. Graduation day should not be far away.
Our executive assistant Florence divided her time between REALTA and her three young children. Talk about a full-time job!
Matteo, who is back after a brief “detour” with one of our competitors, soaked up the warm atmosphere of his ancestral Italy.
Gary, our new graphic designer from Belgium, began his new life in Montreal.
Anne-Marie & François As for Anne-Marie and I, since last February we have been spending all of our free time renovating our new home from top to bottom. We finally moved in mid-August and are still in the process of unpacking, but at least the endless piles of dust and debris are gone! We even stuck to tradition by inviting friends and family over for a wonderful housewarming party.
Now that everyone’s summer adventures are over, we all look forward to a fall that promises to be favourable for our customers. Come and visit us. We’re here to help you achieve your goals. As always.
François Bissonnette, President François Bissonnette


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