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New year, new projects. To kick off 2015, here is the first in a series of articles on the key but unspoken artisans behind our success.

Most people refer to them as suppliers. At REALTA, we prefer to call them “our partners.” Who are they? Notary, specialists in renovation, financing or professional training, designer, lawyer, advertising pro… to name just a few. Each one enhancing in his or her own way the high quality of our services. And reputation. Each one embodying our values of competence, integrity and respect to the utmost degree.

So we’ve decided to give our partners the floor. Twice a month, throughout 2015, a new partner will talk about his or her specialized services, professional background and partnership with REALTA. At the same time, they’ll share their thoughts on the REALTA team. We’re certain that you’ll find these articles to be chock-full of useful, concrete information.

Be sure to come back every second and fourth Thursday of each month.


In our first article, we give the floor to Anouk Bouyssou, notary and legal council, who has kindly agreed to answer our questions.


François Bissonnette

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