From a contraction of “real estate” and “altitude” (altitudo in Latin, meaning height). Borrowed from Italian, it means “reality” in English. A fitting name for an agency that wants to raise the bar for real estate while working with both feet firmly rooted in the reality of home buyers and sellers – along with their dreams, needs and budgets – as well as the constraints of an ever-changing market.
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The new colour of real estate

Resolutely turned towards the future, our three associates have a common objective: to think about the real estate of tomorrow. Passionate and knowledgeable, they are at the head of a new kind of real estate agency, composed of serious business people and adventurous entrepreneurs who share their ambitions, but above all their values. Together, they wish to form a community motivated to push back the boundaries and to show their colors.


Founding President
Certified real estate broker

François is the founder of the REALTA agency. Since becoming a real estate broker in 1995, his career has grown from strength to strength.

From simple agent to licensed broker, François was among the first to create his own team under the RE/ MAX banner before founding REALTA. His modern vision for the industry prompted him to found the company and surround himself with a team of like-minded brokers who were equally committed, competent and personable. François is a man of action and vision. He’s also a leader that’s highly esteemed by his peers. His commitment to elevating and promoting the profession of real estate broker has set him apart.

He sat on the Greater Montreal Real Estate Board for a decade and later became its president. He also chaired the board of the Collège de l’immobilier.

And his professional career has been marked by numerous prestigious awards and recognitions. Fun fact: He’s also a phenomenal cook!

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Vice President Marketing
Real estate broker

Anne-Marie is a born entrepreneur who started her own wholesale fashion agency at the tender age of 20. For over 15 years she was associated with a prolific Montreal designer, before going on to manage sales teams for international fashion companies.

Since 2002, she has been a real estate broker. She joined François Bissonnette’s team and then went on to help found REALTA in 2008.

Her career has always centred on sales, marketing and high-level customer service. In her role as a broker, Anne-Marie excels at developing sales and marketing strategies. She’s our go-to person for leadership, guidance and inspiration – personifying REALTA’s values ​​with enthusiasm and conviction. Anne-Marie is always available and her energy knows no bounds.

Her secret passion? Flipping through the dictionary for the simple love of words...

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A question of values

At REALTA, the values we embrace can be seen in everything we do.

Some of these values can be seen in our relationships with clients and colleagues: loyalty, listening, respect and collaboration. They shape and cement our relationships.

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