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10 reasons to pursue a career with us

A culture of excellence

For 15 years, REALTA has built a reputation that precedes it in the real estate industry.

An outstanding brand image

REALTA is a brand image that sets you apart from other real estate brokers.

Values at the heart of our practice

At REALTA, the values we embrace can be seen in everything we do.

Professional support

Our brokers are supported by a leadership team that guides them to succeed.

Real estate rendez-vous

With their in-depth knowledge of the real estate market, every REALTA broker receives training every month.

The service offer

When they join REALTA, our brokers benefit from several services as early as the signing of the contract.

An experienced administrative team

Our real estate agency is proud of its administrative team, which provides rigorous follow-up of files to meet all the requirements of the Real Estate Brokerage Act.

An agency within the agency

The Marketing HUB brings together all your marketing services in one place.

Your own private branch

With the possibility of having your own location, become the leader in your sector.

The Virtual Business Center

Our digital business center is designed to help you increase the efficiency of your operations.

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Ready for a new chapter in real estate?

Decisively focused on the future, we have a common goal: to create the real estate of tomorrow. We are looking for determined entrepreneurs who share our ambitions and values. Together, let’s push back the boundaries of real estate and show new colors.

Why change real estate agency


You no longer recognize yourself in the culture and values of your agency.


The results no longer meet your expectations or your needs are not being met.


You are not sufficiently supported in your professional development.


You do not have the best tools to offer a quality service to your clients.


Your agency charges you unjustified costs.

Don’t underestimate the importance of working with an agency that supports you in your career and helps you succeed.

Choose Realta. Change for the better.

Frequently asked questions

If you have chosen to leave your real estate agency, it is important to communicate in a professional manner to your leader that you have made this decision. Here are some steps to announce your departure:

  • Schedule a meeting with your AD: Before you talk about your departure, schedule a meeting with your supervisor to discuss your situation. Be sure to choose a time that works for both of you.
  • Prepare your announcement: Before the meeting, prepare a clear and direct explanation of your decision to leave. Be honest and professional in your approach, and explain the reasons behind the decision.
  • Be prepared for questions: Your AD may ask you questions about the reasons for your decision. Be prepared to answer honestly and explain your position.

With these key steps, you can announce your departure in a professional and respectful manner.

When brokers decide to change real estate agencies, they must plan ahead and follow each step to ensure that their clients are not left on their own at any time. In particular, clients must be informed of the situation and the choices they will have to make.

Wherever possible, the termination of the broker’s activities should be synchronized with the end of the current transactions. It is preferable, for example, to wait until the terms of the current transactions have been completed.

In the event that files are not finalized before the broker’s license is suspended or revoked, these files must be handled by a licensee with a valid license.

The broker must inform the agency head as soon as possible of his or her decision and agree with the agency head on the terms and conditions of the departure.

Among the responsibilities of the agency leader, managing the professional activities of his brokers is at the heart of his daily work.

When a broker notifies his manager that he is ceasing his activities or leaving the agency for another one, the manager has the obligation to advise and accompany him through each step and to ensure that the agency’s obligations are respected.

Since the brokerage contract is with the agency, it is the agency’s responsibility to send the change of agency notices to each of the clients bound by the brokerage contract. Notices may also be sent by the broker, but this is a matter for the agency, not the broker. It is important to remember that the broker cannot send notices to his clients without the knowledge of his agency.

The agency, under the direction of its principal, will:

  1. Identify for the broker, the brokerage contracts in force, including all cases of co-registration as well as the proposals of transactions in progress, accepted or not. If the broker works as part of a team, all brokerage contracts for that team must be identified.
  2. Inform clients.

Once contracts are identified, clients should be informed by written notice of the change in status and the options available to them:

  • Continue to do business with the broker at their new location (if applicable);
  • Continue to do business with the agency (another broker will be assigned and the identity of the broker will be communicated);
  • No longer do business with the broker or agency, thus terminating the brokerage contract.

If the client does not respond to the agency, the brokerage contract remains in effect and the agency must inform the client of the name of the replacement broker.

Once these steps are completed, the broker who is ready to leave the agency must notify the Certification Department by completing and submitting the appropriate form. It must also include payment of
the applicable fees.

The time it takes to change agencies as a real estate broker can vary depending on a number of factors, including agreements with your previous agency, administrative processes and processing times.

In general, the process of changing agencies can take anywhere from 48 to 72 hours. Here are the general steps in the process of changing agencies for a real estate broker:

  • Transfer of the brokerage contract with the old agency: You must terminate your brokerage contract with your old agency by following the agreed upon procedures and agreements.
  • Registering with the new agency: At REALTA, our top priority is to provide you with a professional environment conducive to your success. As soon as the contract is signed, we prepare all the necessary tools and resources before your arrival so that you can focus on what matters most: your clients.
  • Application for transfer to the OACIQ and APCIQ: You must submit an application to transfer your real estate license to your board of directors and provide all necessary information and documents.
  • Waiting for approval of the transfer: The time required to approve the transfer application may vary depending on the regulations of your board of directors and the individual circumstances of your application.

The time required to complete these steps may vary depending on the circumstances, but you can generally expect the process to take between 48 and 72 hours.

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