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Become an aware seller with REALTA

Selling your property naturally raises many questions:

  • How much is my property really worth?
  • Should I risk it alone or trust a broker?
  • How can I make my property irresistible to buyers?
  • And above all, how can I get the best price?

That’s where we REALTA brokers come in, offering you a complete, personalized solution.

Our goal is to help you conclude the process with a smooth sale at the best possible price.

Think of us as your allies, ready to answer all your questions and support you every step of the way.

The 6 reasons to choose a REALTA Professional


Pricing is an art

The right price is crucial to a quick sale. Expertise and experience are essential: even a variation of 1% can mean thousands of dollars more to you!


Handling negotiations with a skilled hand

Negotiating goes beyond the initial offer, requiring communication and negotiation skills, and the involvement of a professional is essential.


Marketing is complex

We go further than simple signage and Centris® to market your property. Each broker benefits from the support of our own dedicated marketing team, ensuring maximum visibility through targeted and diversified marketing plans.


Visits are our number 1 priority

We follow strict protocols. Our REALTA brokers are prepared to answer all buyers' questions and provide the maximum amount of information during each visit.


Document management made easy

Making it easy to navigate real estate documents, we are committed to ensuring that every detail is meticulously taken into account to guarantee an exceptional sales experience.

Managing deadlines and conditions

Making your purchase promise a reality is crucial. With REALTA, your expert broker reduces stress for buyers, ensuring a worry-free experience that can make all the difference to you.


Our 7-step real estate sales process

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