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Choosing REALTA

In an increasingly complex real estate market, choosing the right broker is of the utmost importance.

By breaking down the traditional real estate agency model, we offer personalized service at the cutting edge of excellence.

What sets REALTA apart from other agencies is its human approach.

Over 15 years of excellence

This year marks REALTA’s 15th anniversary. Over the years, our brokers have gone through some of the biggest changes in the real estate industry. Despite these challenges, they have remained a trusted source for buying and selling homes for their clients.

In fact, when you choose a REALTA real estate broker to sell your home or help you through the home buying process, you receive an exemplary level of service.

If you have already taken advantage of our support, you can help our future clients make the right choice by sharing your experience.

Experts at your service

When selling a house, it is important to properly estimate the value of the property in order to make the sale profitable.

Our brokers make it a priority to understand your personal and financial goals. They are informed, they gather relevant information, and they analyze market trends in order to guide you wisely in your real estate decisions.

Values in action

At REALTA, we share values that are reflected in all aspects of our work.

Some of these values are expressed in our relationships with our clients and colleagues, such as loyalty, listening, respect and collaboration. They shape and cement our relationship with them.

Other values guide us in the exercise of our profession: integrity, rigor, initiative and the desire to learn and evolve. They guide our actions towards innovation, eco-responsibility and community involvement.

All of our brokers work in a transparent world with clear principles. In fact, they are aware of the trust their clients place in them and are therefore committed to respecting high standards of work quality. Whether it’s meeting deadlines, maintaining excellent communication with them, or ensuring that our services meet their expectations, our brokers are always focused on meeting their obligations and delivering top-notch results.

Their work ethic is based on the belief that they must be irreproachable at all times.

Maximum visibility

Thanks to our cutting-edge marketing strategy, we offer our clients optimal visibility and unparalleled reach for their property.

More than 90% of property searches are conducted via the web, with more than half of these searches being conducted from a mobile device. Our website is referenced to obtain an optimal positioning in search engines. It is adapted for mobile devices, an essential and efficient marketing tool.

In addition to the visibility offered by our professional website, we enhance the display of your property through our multiplatform advertising strategy on our social networks such as Facebook and Instagram. These media allow us to increase the reach of our publications in order to reach a maximum of potential buyers and allow you to sell quickly at the right price.

A process with complete peace of mind

By entrusting your property to a real estate broker, you offer yourself a significant peace of mind and save precious time. Organizing visits, scheduling appointments with photographers, gathering administrative and legal documents, presenting offers to purchase and more, our brokers take care of all the elements surrounding the sale or purchase of your property.

The key is to find a trusted broker who will take the time to explain all the steps of the transaction and who will follow up with you throughout the process.

To each his own

There are many advantages to working with a REALTA real estate broker. A real estate sale or purchase is an important step that should be approached with patience and expertise. The most important thing is to work with a broker you can trust and who will act in your best interest.

Our team of real estate experts is at your disposal. Ask your questions at!

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