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Cottage interior design: 2023 trends

Stays at the cottage are always memorable. The atmosphere and quiet environment seem to make us want to stay, and the rustic decor provides a unique refuge from the rhythms of everyday life.

The new year is the perfect time to think about introducing some of the latest trends into your cottage. Thoughtful details, bold prints and exuberant shapes combine to create an atmosphere that is sure to liven up any room and bring the freshness of 2023 to it.

Discover the warmth of winter

With the return of dark wood, interior spaces are becoming increasingly warm and inviting. Indeed, ebony, walnut, acacia and teak accents are becoming as popular as neutral furniture. Any entryway or kitchen table can be modified with furniture from these woods, giving you the opportunity to create the perfect ambiance.

Choosing dark wood decorative elements is also a great way to bring a touch of elegance to your interiors. Whether it’s an island, a bench in your entryway or simply your choice of frames, think “dark” to create a welcoming atmosphere.

Positive living areas

Creating a positive environment in your cottage starts with the layout of your furniture.

Welcome to 2023 where living spaces evoke feelings of serenity and relaxation that take over. To achieve this balance, it’s best to choose round furniture, limit cluttered living areas and always try to incorporate natural light into a room.

When we stay centered, surrounded by beauty and balance, we naturally feel better in body and soul! Taking these simple steps is a fun way to bring ease and joy to your space.

Bring in the wild nature

Nature is a versatile source of inspiration and decoration, if only we take the time to immerse ourselves in the great outdoors. A simple walk in the woods or along the shoreline can unearth treasures that cost nothing. If you want to add a decorative touch to a corner of your home, look for branches; with a basket or pot, they can bring instant, rustic elegance to your walls.

And if this approach doesn’t fit your interior design aspirations, there are plenty of options in the store: frames, fabric patterns and even wallpapers dedicated to nature-inspired themes that can lend a unique vibe to any room.

If you prefer something more subtle, but no less impactful, look for fabrics with nature-inspired patterns like pillows, rugs or bedspreads – they’ll give your space a hint of nature without being too overwhelming.

Focus on comfort

When it comes to furnishing your cabin, comfort should be the focus. Clothes are not the only thing considered at the cottage, furniture and accessories should be carefully chosen with soft, comfortable materials.

Making sure that fabric chairs, soft cushions and a cozy rug are an integral part of the decor will instantly alleviate any fears of hard sofas or cold materials. The use of natural materials is also strongly encouraged – their organic aesthetic creates a calm and relaxing atmosphere

In addition, rugs help define spaces in open areas while bringing a sense of warmth to any room. Comfort is key after all, so remember to select furniture that invites calm while staying true to your style and taste.

A reading corner

Tucked away in the coziest corner of the cottage is a peaceful escape: the reading nook. This secluded space is the perfect place to dive into a new novel, explore an interesting biography or take time to reflect on yourself.

For a true sense of tranquility, there’s no place like this space. By finding the perfect spot in your cottage, such as a window nook with a view of nature or a place where the sunlight just streams in, you can create a private getaway whenever you need some quality time to yourself.

Diffusing scents

Our sense of smell has a remarkable ability to evoke vivid memories, and creating a singular “cottage scent” is an easy and enjoyable way to enjoy with our nose.

Scented candles, aromatic diffusers and pretty potpourri can all be used to add an olfactory layer to any space.

When we enter a room that has been given its own relaxing aroma, we experience a sudden sense of calm and well-being. With the right combination of scents, you can have your cottage smelling fresh and inviting in no time, making your space even more special than it already is.

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