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What can you do to sell your home quickly?

The Montreal real estate market has been booming in recent years! So why is it that some properties are struggling to find buyers when so many homes are selling like hotcakes and above their asking price? What can you do to successfully market your property and ensure it stands out from the crowd?


Start by taking a walk around your home. Look for anything that’s broken such as doorknobs, doorbells, light bulbs, electrical outlets, faucets, caulking, etc. All of those little details that you probably no longer even notice might be making your home a little less sellable. Basically, everything should be in good working order for visits, and even more so for the inspection. If not, buyers will think you have neglected the property.


Tidy up and declutter

Next, tidy up in all rooms. This includes the inside of cupboards, bookcases, etc. Uncluttered spaces feel bigger, cleaner, more appealing. Remove any oversized or unnecessary furniture to keep that cramped feeling to a minimum. People should be able to move around freely in all rooms and from one room to another with ease. This movement should always be fluid to give the impression that everything is just the right size.



Despite having some reservations on this particular point, it really is necessary to remove things like overly personal photos, paintings that might be just a bit too unique and large collections of trinkets, which will probably only overwhelm most visitors. This doesn’t mean everything has to be bland and white, with nary a photo of your children to be found, but you do need to give buyers some “mental room” to visualize themselves and their belongings in your home.


Optimize space and volume

Whether they realize it or not, all potential buyers are drawn to spacious, airy rooms. Make the most of your smallest spaces to show off the full potential of your home. Buyers are very sensitive to cramped spaces and will respond better to rooms and flows that don’t feel restricted.


Out with the overly-old

Bathrooms and kitchens can make or break the sale of a home. These rooms should appear to be in good enough condition that they don’t need a complete redo. Small jobs like replacing light figures and handles or adding a backsplash can make all the difference.


Update the decor

Don’t panic… you don’t need to redo everything! Instead, consider small jobs like removing wallpaper from another era and/or painting a few rooms. It won’t cost you much but it can make a huge difference. In fact, painting is one of the best ways to rejuvenate the look of a home. Keep in mind that a white, cream, gray or greige background will make it easier for buyers to visualize their decor in your home.


Organize unused spaces

Got a teeny-tiny room? Show buyers how it can be set up as a cozy reading or relaxation area. Simply add an armchair, reading lamp, small table and a rug and you’ve got yourself a lovely snug that will charm buyers.


Let in the light

The majority of buyers look for bright, sunny homes so avoid overly strong or dark colours. Open curtains and blinds fully to let in as much daylight as possible. Clean windows and lightweight curtains – or sheers that let in light but soften the view are all little extras that will make a difference. You can go even further by adding a large mirror to reflect light.


Rackety or missing furniture

Got furniture that’s in poor condition or no longer up to date? Already know it won’t be making the move with you? Rather than waiting, it might pay off to buy new furniture now and use it to rejuvenate your decor and showcase your home for sale. At REALTA, we sometimes use virtual home staging because adding furniture is now considered essential when selling an uninhabited home. After our professional photographer takes photos of your home, we use special software tools to add furniture and decorative items to create an appealing decor for potential buyers.


Use a real estate agency that knows buyers

The importance of having an expert eye who knows buyers and who can advise you on getting your home ready for sale cannot be overstated. That’s where REALTA brokers make all the difference! With their in-depth knowledge of the different types of buyers out there, REALTA brokers can advise you on how to make your home buyer-ready.

Every homeowner wants to maximize the selling price of their home within a reasonable time frame. We understand that, so talk to us. At REALTA, we can help you get your property ready for sale. And our proven selling strategies will make it a done deal!


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