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Trends in home decor 2024: 10 new inspirations to embellish your interiors

The year 2024 is approaching fast, and with it, new decorating trends are emerging to give our interiors a new lease of life. Previous years have been marked by a desire to create warm, soothing spaces, but for 2024, we’re going to see the arrival of bolder designs, vibrant colors, and sustainable materials. In this article, we present the ten decorating trends that are shaping up for the coming year.

Terracotta paint: a new look for your home

In 2023, the color terracotta found its place in our interiors and looks set to stay in 2024. This vibrant, warm hue brings a touch of radiance to your living spaces, whatever the season. When combined with wooden furniture and indoor plants, this color will enable you to create an interior that’s both elegant and warm. Indeed, terracotta paint can radically transform the atmosphere and add charm to your favorite rooms. With terracotta paint, your home will be imbued with sophistication and refinement.

Wood, yes, but dark!

In 2024, dark wood is a must in interior design. Walnut, acacia, rosewood and teak are particularly appreciated for their charisma and character. They add a natural touch that our modern interiors can sometimes lack. In a kitchen, living room or bedroom, you can create a contrasting effect by combining these woods with metal or glass pieces. Slats, striations or baguettes on the base of a coffee table or on the doors of a sideboard are also elegant options for a chic interior. By opting for dark wood furniture, you’ll add real personality to your decor.

Organic aesthetics: a return to nature

Natural materials have been at the heart of interior design trends for many years, and this is unlikely to change in 2024. Bamboo, rattan, wicker, linen, cotton and even wood are key elements for a healthy, authentic interior. For a bohemian-retro, ethnic-chic or Zen-minimalist feel, you could opt for rattan lighting, a bamboo mirror or elegant, insulating linen curtains. For undeniable softness, light and warmth, a wooden worktop will be perfect. Finally, a wicker seat or basket will enable you to extend your vacation all year round. In 2024, natural materials will be more than ever in vogue to create an elegant interior!

Wallpaper makes a comeback

The year 2024 heralds a great comeback for wallpaper. After being considered old-fashioned in recent years, manufacturers are now offering ever more trendy and modern designs, while being practical for every room in the house, including bathrooms and kitchens.

Indeed, it’s now possible to choose an aquatic wallpaper for a touch of freshness in your bathroom, or a sublime black and white to give character to a wall in your bedroom or living room. There’s no better way to add a touch of sophistication to your interior.

Maximalism: a messy but unique interior

After years of minimalism, maximalism will make a comeback in 2024. This trend involves incorporating bold patterns, bright colors and a profusion of decorative objects into the space. Floral prints, geometric patterns and exotic textures will blend harmoniously to create eclectic, lively atmospheres. To avoid overloading the space, care should be taken to balance elements and create visual focal points.

The reign of organic forms

Organic shapes are undoubtedly one of the major decorating trends of 2023, and will continue to be so for the coming year. Inspired by nature, they are characterized by graceful curves and flowing curves that replace angles and straight lines. This trend extends to all furniture and decorative objects, from dining tables and rugs to coffee tables and mirrors. Their minimalist design blends perfectly with natural materials such as raw wood, wicker and linen. What’s more, plants combine perfectly with these organic shapes to create a chic, harmonious decorative duo. When it comes to colors, we prefer light, luminous hues, but you can also combine the clean lines of organic furniture with any decorating style you like.

Creative lighting: original luminaires

By 2024, lighting will be an essential element in enhancing living spaces. Lighting fixtures will become veritable works of art, offering unique and innovative designs. Sculptural lamps, extravagant pendant lights and artistic wall sconces will be eye-catchers. Colored LED bulbs let you play with shades of light to create changing, customizable moods. Creative lighting offers new perspectives for transforming an ordinary room into an extraordinary space.

Velvet is in vogue this year

If you’re a decorating enthusiast who likes to play with materials, then the 2024 decorating trend is sure to please! This year’s star material is undoubtedly velvet. Often considered an old-fashioned material, it’s back with a vengeance in our interiors. Soft and retro, velvet is equally at home in vintage and modern interiors. You can opt for a velvet sofa or simply add touches of velvet to elements such as light fittings or wall hooks.

A sunny decor with a Riviera spirit

The Riviera spirit style is a reference to the deco movement of the 1920s in the South of France. The result is a vacation atmosphere reminiscent of farniente and sunny days. Striped patterns adorn textiles, bangs add a touch of elegance, while wrought iron and rattan combine for a vintage vibe. Pastel shades and vibrant colors cohabit with white for a warm, cheerful atmosphere. Whether indoors or out, this style is perfect for countering the monotony of the winter months.

Retro-modern style: past meets future

Retro-modern style will make a comeback in 2024, skilfully blending influences from the past with contemporary elements. Vintage furniture, retro accents and nostalgic touches will be combined with clean lines and modern materials to create a look that is both elegant and retro. Updated accessories and period pieces will add a touch of character and authenticity to the space.

In 2024, interior design will be marked by a search for balance between the natural and the bold, elegance and originality. Organic aesthetics, maximalism, creative lighting and retro-modern style will offer decorating enthusiasts the opportunity to create unique spaces that reflect their personality and values. Whether you prefer to immerse yourself in nature or express your boundless creativity, the decorating trends of 2024 will satisfy all your desires. So, are you ready to embellish your interior according to the trends of the coming year?

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