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Fall cleaning, where to start?

Fall is here and soon it will be winter. As with spring cleaning, it’s a great opportunity to do a thorough interior and exterior cleaning to prepare for the change of season.

You can take advantage of the still mild temperatures to clean up, put away summer accessories and tools, protect shrubs from winter frost and prepare the house for the arrival of winter.

Here are some steps to follow for an effective fall cleaning.

Planning to avoid any problems

Before starting the big clean, we recommend that you make a list of all the jobs and tasks to be done. This will make it easier for everyone to divide up the cleaning tasks according to their available time, and it will also avoid any headaches during the process!

Make sure you have all the necessary products and materials in sufficient quantity before you start: cleaning products, cloths and paper towels, buckets, step ladder, gloves, garbage bags, etc.

Interior Fall Cleaning

As with spring cleaning, we recommend dusting from top to bottom behind furniture, cleaning kitchen cabinets and closets (or any other place where dirt may have accumulated). We suggest that you use this time wisely by getting rid of items that you no longer use or that are damaged; newspapers/magazines that accumulate during the winter months, broken equipment, clothing that is too small, duplicate dishes or plastic dishes without lids, etc.

Also wash carpets, fabric furniture, mirrors, windows, blinds and curtains.

Doors & windows

Once the doors and windows are cleaned, apply weather stripping or removable sealant as needed to insulate and keep the cold out this winter.

On sunny days, open the windows to ventilate and renew the air in the house.

Fireplace & Heating System

Your chimney is the perfect place to enjoy a few cozy moments during the winter months, but be sure to have it inspected and swept before you turn it on (according to current regulations). It’s also a good time to consider servicing your heating system, whether it’s gas or electric.

Whether you have radiators or complaints, also take advantage of this great cleaning to dust them before you start heating. It is also important to make sure that furniture and curtains do not touch the radiators.

Test your smoke alarms

It’s time to replace the batteries in your smoke alarms and test the carbon dioxide alarm, if you have one. Make sure your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors are working properly.

Wardrobe Transition

Fall cleaning is also a time to transition from summer to winter clothes. Put away the swimsuits, shorts and camisoles and bring out the sweaters and warmer clothes. We do the same thing with sportswear, picnic accessories and beach wear.

The entrance of the house

It’s time to put away the sandals and get out the boots, coats, gloves, hats, scarves and umbrellas.

Before putting them on, apply a coat of protector to boots and shoes. If necessary, wash and iron your coats.

Also, get out the seasonal rugs in anticipation of boots full of snow this winter.

In the kitchen

This is the perfect time to clean out your refrigerator and its contents. So, wash the oven, microwave and other appliances.

Fall Cleaning Outside

Performing certain tasks around the house is essential if you want to preserve your roof, and this is especially true in the fall, the pivotal time between the warm and cold seasons.

To protect your home, it is important to do some work that will protect your property from the harshness of winter. Here is a handy list of the most important tasks to perform.


If you’re concerned about the condition of your roof, and you see loose shingles or debris, it’s best to call in the professionals to climb on the roof. If your roof is fairly steep, you can also inspect it from the ground with a spyglass.

Fill in the cracks

Check your home’s foundation and siding and, if you find any cracks or other abnormalities, call in an expert.

Around the house

Clean eavestroughs and make sure there are no -Make sure there are no branches or leaf accumulation.

Watering: when the first frost arrives, make sure to put away and unplug your watering system. The same goes for garden hoses; they should be emptied when used intensively to prevent damage caused by frozen water pipes as winter approaches! Be aware that it may take some time for all signs of moisture to disappear, so leave the taps on until you are sure everything has drained.

Barbecue: clean the barbecue, cover it and store it for the winter.

Joints and walls: to prevent water from seeping into the house, you should inspect cracks in exterior walls and damaged joints around doors or windows.

Pools: if you have a pool, fountain or water feature, now is the time to consider draining and closing them.

Lights: if you have outdoor lights or fixtures, consider changing the bulbs as needed. It’s nicer to do it now than at -30 degrees in the middle of winter!

Patio Equipment and Gardening Tools

Fall is also a good time to store patio equipment such as planters, chairs and patio tables. Depending on space, you can store them in the shed or stack the chairs and store them under the outdoor table.

Trade gardening tools in the shed for shovels and snow brooms. Also take out of the shed, if you have one, any produce that might be damaged by the cold.

Perennials, shrubs and garden

Do you have a small vegetable garden? It’s time to harvest the last of the vegetables and herbs.

In the garden, take care of the perennials and prune the trees that need it.

At the first frosts, install winter protection on plants and shrubs, depending on the variety.

At the time of the frosts (or before), planting tulip bulbs will help make these magnificent flowers even more beautiful next season.

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