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Living in Montreal: Nun’s Island

L’Île des Sœurs is a true haven of peace with a chic suburban feel. Indeed, this privileged enclave offers a multitude of options, from penthouses with panoramic views of the river and downtown, to charming townhouses with manicured lawns.

The island of the Sisters of the Congregation of Notre-Dame

In 1695, the religious congregation took possession of part of the island, having received it as a gift from one of Jacques Le Ber’s daughters. In 1706, they subsequently purchased a larger part of the island. It wasn’t until 1769 that they became the owners of the entire island. In 1790, they erected a manor house and cultivated about a third of the island’s surface area.

In 1955, a sum of 1,300,000 euros was paid to the sisters of the Notre-Dame congregation for the acquisition of the island by Quebec Home and Mortgage Corporation Ltd (actually an American firm). Thus ended the island adventure of the nuns, who left their estate the following year.

In 1960, two children aged 11 and 12 set fire to the former manor house of the Sisters of the Congregation, simply for the pleasure of watching the firemen extinguish the blaze! In the process, one of the island’s only historic homes went up in smoke.

From Pointe-Nord to Pointe-Sud


Located in the Pointe-Nord sector of Nuns’ Island, the Evolo buildings are a symbol of modernity and sustainable development. Covering an area of one million square feet, these five buildings offer a unique lifestyle, combining proximity to major roads, walkable restaurants and stores, and the location of an REM station.


The luxurious glass towers of the Symphonia complex offer a prestigious living experience. Located in the Pointe-Sud area of Nuns’ Island, they offer exceptional views of the St. Lawrence River, downtown and the Nuns’ Island golf course. The streamlined design of the condominiums, with their abundant windows, creates an atmosphere of modernity and serenity. Symphonia residents can enjoy this oasis of water and greenery, surrounded by hiking and biking trails.


Domaine de la Forêt, located on the shores of a lake and on the edge of a 2-million-square-foot protected woodland, is renowned as one of Nuns’ Island’s most prestigious neighborhoods. Featuring luxurious custom homes and exclusive townhouses, it is crisscrossed by a meandering creek, superb walking trails and a children’s park.

Easy access

Located at the junction of a road network easily accessible via the Champlain Bridge, Nuns’ Island offers incomparable access to the banks of the St. Lawrence River. This peaceful haven, isolated from the noise of downtown, is not lacking in all that urban life has to offer. With its proximity to highways 10, 15 and 20, the four major hubs of the metropolitan region are always within easy reach.

Soon, it will also become a hub for mass transit in Montreal, thanks to the addition of the Réseau Express Métropolitain (REM). This ambitious project will provide residents of the island and surrounding area with a fast, efficient link to downtown Montreal, as well as easy access to the metropolitan region’s public transit network.

Peace and nature

Quality of life, natural surroundings and a peaceful environment are the hallmarks of Nuns’ Island. With its peaceful atmosphere, the neighborhood seems to have been shaped to enjoy the beauty of the river, extend the last hours of the day with a bike ride, a round of golf, some windsurfing, a stroll along the banks or around the artificial lake (Lac des Battures) or a spa to finish in style.

Other green oases: Boisé de l’île-des-Sœurs and Domaine Saint-Paul are home to a migratory bird sanctuary. In praise of nature and contemplation.

The best addresses

Nuns’ Island has undergone a remarkable transformation thanks to the arrival of numerous real estate projects in the Pointe-Nord, Pointe-Sud and Chemin de Golf areas. This rapid growth has created a demand for local stores and boutiques, which have emerged to meet the needs of residents, mainly young professionals.

Vachement Gourmand – Artisan breads, charcuterie and cheeses. Takeaways, gourmet sandwiches and decadent pastries. Vachement Gourmand is a must-try on L’Île-des-Sœurs.

Les Enfants Terribles – Located at the tip of Pointe-Nord, this branch of Les Enfants Terribles boasts a breathtaking view of the St. Lawrence River.

Strom Spa – For a relaxing afternoon with friends, an evening with your loved one or a Sunday family brunch, head to Strom Spa.

MSalon – An afternoon at MSalon is like an afternoon with friends: we chat and indulge. There’s no invisible wall separating staff and customers, and the atmosphere is friendly.

Mamie Clafoutis – For a pastry and coffee before work, a sandwich and salad at lunchtime, or a pastry at the end of the day.

Le Petit Sao – The decor is magnificent, the Vietnamese dishes delicious and the service impeccable.

Isola Pizza (formerly Chez Carl) – This wood-fired oven-style neighborhood pizzeria has made a name for itself in the metropolis over the years.

Golf île des Soeurs – Because it’s located just a few minutes from downtown and is environmentally friendly.

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