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Spring stroll in Little Burgundy

A spring stroll in Little Burgundy in Montreal is certainly the best way to discover this unique and dynamic part of the city. With its streets lined with historic and artistic buildings, this community is full of charm and character.

A bit of history

Little Burgundy is a vibrant neighborhood in Montreal originally known as Sainte-Cunégonde and annexed in 1905. Its development began with the construction of the Lachine Canal, which attracted factories to its streets as well as the working class population.

By bicycle, on foot or by boat, you can enjoy the transitional setting of the modern industrial character, well marked by its past. You can follow the old railroad tracks through the Marchands-de-Bois Park to the Lockers Park, where you can sit and read a novel, have a picnic or even take a nap. Heading north, don’t miss the Stelco Park at the intersection of Sainte-Cunégonde and Vinet Streets, where sculptures made of steel artifacts from the former Steel Company of Canada steel plant are displayed.

In full bloom

Little Burgundy has gone through many transitions over the years, and its community continues to be the engine of positive growth. The neighbourhood also holds a special place in the history of the Black community in Montreal. It was home to the city’s first black community, which was primarily African American. Today, with murals for artists such as Oscar Peterson, Oliver Jones, Charles Biddle and Daisy Sweeney, the neighborhood is full of lasting reminders of Montreal’s golden age of jazz and its connection to a black community, drawing the attention of many visitors.

Take a colorful walk: Coursol Street

While visiting Little Burgundy, you will take a picturesque path with impressive architecture. Take a detour to rue de Coursol and let yourself be seduced by the colorful facades that dress each house in a unique aesthetic. A trip down this residential street will take you back in time!

Atwater Market

The Atwater Market is a Montreal landmark characterized by its tall tower that stands proudly in the urban landscape. Opened in 1933, this art deco building is just as fascinating as its big brother, the Jean-Talon Market. You can find everything you need for your grocery shopping and much more.

The Atwater Market offers a peaceful atmosphere that invites you to stroll around. You will be transported in a pleasant universe where the smell of flowers and spices mix harmoniously to create a unique atmosphere.

The Lachine Canal

The Lachine Canal is undoubtedly one of Montreal’s most famous attractions, welcoming more than one million visitors each year. Stretching 14.5 km from the Old Port of Montreal in the west to René Lévesque Park in the east, this urban wonderland offers one of the most beautiful bike paths in the country. Visitors can also explore the area by pedaling on the water in a kayak or pedal boat. In the summer, the Canal Lounge dock offers a chic and relaxed atmosphere with lounge music on a floating bar nestled in a beautiful bateau-mouche. The Lachine Canal is definitely a must-see for anyone wishing to discover the beauty of Montreal.

Notre-Dame Street

Rue Notre-Dame, once famous for its many antique shops, has undergone a significant evolution in recent times. Small modern stores have swept away the traditional antique shops, but this has not taken away the charm of the street. In fact, many artisanal stores have sprung up and filled the shelves with unique pieces from Quebec and around the world. The owners of these stores take great care in selecting the pieces that are displayed, giving each visitor a personalized experience.

At Lola Petite-Bourgogne, for example, they offer locally made decorative items and cosmetics. The new scene on Notre-Dame Street offers an exciting excursion to explore for those looking for unique and artistic creations.

A neighborhood to enjoy good food

Welcome to the culinary land of Frédéric Morin and David McMillan, two renowned chef-owners. Their restaurant, Joe Beef, has been honored by the famous American journalist Anthony Bourdain and has a prominent place in the list of the 50 best restaurants in the world.

Their culinary creations are so popular that they have since opened two more locations: Liverpool House and Vin Papillon. Both offer a unique culinary experience, always evolving to serve fresh, seasonal products. If you’re looking for an impeccably executed dining experience, these restaurants will not disappoint.

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