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Discover Mirabel!

If you are looking for a place to settle in Quebec, here is an interesting suggestion. Mirabel is located in the magnificent Laurentian region and offers interesting advantages to its residents.

Easily accessible via Highway 15 from Laval and Montreal, we have prepared a few arguments that confirm that Mirabel could be a good choice for you!

Urban lifestyle in the middle of nature

Mirabel is a city that offers its residents the benefits of both nature and urban living, allowing them to enjoy the freshness of nature’s air as well as all the conveniences that one would want in an urban lifestyle.

The area has a lot to offer in terms of recreational activities, such as hiking trails, nearby lakes, ski trails and bike paths, giving them countless opportunities to fully explore the beauty of nature.

With so many opportunities available to those who live here, it’s no wonder that this city has become an ideal choice of residence for those seeking the perfect balance of urban living and outdoor adventure.

Close to the ski resorts

For winter sports enthusiasts, this is the perfect opportunity to live within a few miles of the slopes of the Laurentian ski resorts. Here, you can easily access Sommet Saint-Sauveur, one of the most popular destination centers, Mont Blanc, an affordable alternative for small families, and Tremblant, which is only an hour’s drive from Mirabel.

And that’s not all: the city also offers backcountry and ice skiing, cross-country skiing on open trails, and sledding and skating in nearby locations. All your winter needs will be met in this charming winter paradise.

The ideal town for families

With an abundance of green space, a safe environment and a brand-new elementary school, Mirabel is an ideal place for families. This vibrant community offers the perfect balance between the excitement of the city and the tranquility of the country; it is close enough to the conveniences of the big city, but fortunately remains far from its hustle and bustle. This has made Mirabel attractive to many young families looking for a place to settle.

For example, about half of Mirabel’s households are composed of families with children under the age of eighteen. The sense of community and strong family values that prevail in the region contribute greatly to its appeal.

Lower property tax rates

Mirabel is an attractive option for many people looking to save money while enjoying an excellent quality of life. In fact, the region has one of the most competitive residential and commercial tax rates in the greater Montreal area, offering its citizens many opportunities to save money. The city boasts one of the most competitive residential and commercial tax rates in the Greater Montreal area, with a base residual rate of $0.366/$100 (City of Mirabel, 2023). This is almost half the rate of Greater Quebec City, which is $0.8808 per $100 of assessment (Quebec City, 2023)! Such an advantageous tax rate is beneficial in the short, medium and long term for anyone looking to save money and achieve greater financial stability.

In addition, the municipality offers other advantages to its residents: quality of life, wide open spaces, proximity to nature and security – all of which encourage people to settle here and adopt a budget-friendly lifestyle.

Mirabel’s economic vitality

In recent years, Mirabel has been a beacon of economic prosperity. It has ranked first among Quebec cities with more than 40,000 residents for its economic vitality rate and has achieved the highest growth rate for workers aged 25 to 64. This success is reflected in the statistics; the city’s 2022 report concluded that it had the second highest economic vitality index among the state’s MRCs (Ville de Mirabel, 2022). Home to renowned aeronautical companies such as Bombardier, Bell Textron and Technicolor, this municipality is considered one of the main hubs of the aviation industry and, as such, contributes greatly to the prosperity of both Montreal and Quebec.

Mirabel’s real estate market

Mirabel’s real estate market is just as impressive as its booming economic sector. According to the territory’s construction statistics, 1,221 housing units were built in 2020, for a total value of over $290 million. In fact, a whopping 71% of Mirabel households are homeowners, indicating that it is an ideal destination for those looking for a new home. In addition, more than half of the city’s housing units were built after 2001, so those looking to buy will have plenty of options if they’re looking for modern properties. They can find single-family homes, which account for 61 percent of construction in Mirabel, or buildings with fewer than five stories, which account for 35 percent.

Median prices for single-family homes are estimated at $540,000, and for condominiums and plexes with 2 to 5 units, it’s $550,000 and $645,000 respectively – competitive sums when you consider all that this city has to offer potential homeowners.

Experts in the area

If you want to buy or sell a property in Mirabel, one of our REALTA brokers will be happy to accompany you and put his expertise at your disposal!

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