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Why I decided to join REALTA

Joining a new agency is often a process of adaptation/transition, as change is stressful. This is normal.

At REALTA, we understand this. That’s why we’ve highlighted the success stories of those who have made the leap and joined our agency.

After 25 years of working for a large corporation, we were looking for a change. We wanted to associate ourselves with people who better represented our values such as integrity, honesty, sharing of knowledge and expertise, work ethic and professionalism. From our first meeting with François and Anne-Marie, we knew that we had finally found an agency that would be able to support us, train us more and with whom we could better serve our clients. REALTA is a different model of agency that emphasizes the quality of its products offered to its brokers, such as an exceptional marketing department, unique client presentation tools and high-level supervision. We have received more from REALTA in a few months than we have from any other brokerage in our career. They are experts in their field and dedicated to the success of their brokers while maintaining a standard of excellence in the industry. My husband and I are so happy that we are now able to thrive in our work!

Lauzon Team

Valerie Fillion & Philip Lauzon

They made the jump.

The reason for this choice is clear:

putting values at the heart of their practice pays off.

REALTA is a real estate agency that goes beyond traditional standards of excellence. The values and common vision that unites this team are what make it unique from all other agencies. Values such as the spirit of collaboration demonstrated when the agency manager accompanies you during a transaction and the rigorous follow-up afterwards. Anne-Marie’s exceptional emotional intelligence also made me feel at ease from day one.  The marketing team also strives to ensure the quality and consistency of the brand’s visuals.

Isabelle Archambault, CPA

Residential Real Estate Broker

For me, being part of REALTA brokers means being part of the best. After fifteen years under another banner, joining REALTA gave me the impression that I was moving up to the major league. François’ leadership and his great knowledge of the law appealed to me right away. It’s important for me to be knowledgeable about the law that governs my work, and to put that knowledge to work for my clients. I wasn’t looking to change agencies.  I thought they were all the same. But I was attracted to an agency that was 100% Quebec. And also the quality of the people I met; colleagues, employees, administrative support, suppliers.  They seem to me to be among the best in their field. For me, when all the administrative aspect is taken care of, it allows me to concentrate on the essential, to perform and do what I love, selling houses.

Dominique Chénier

Residential and commercial real estate broker

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