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Why I decided to join REALTA – part 2

Joining a new agency is often an adjustment process, because change is stressful. It’s only natural.

At REALTA, we understand this. That’s why we’ve highlighted the success stories of those who have made the leap and joined our agency.

I chose REALTA for the spirit of collaboration, the rigor, the quality of image and brand management. I also like the agency’s creativity and the small dose of casualness or self-mockery when it comes to taking a look at our profession or addressing customers through advertising. A few weeks ago, a broker contacted me for information on REALTA, knowing that I’d worked there for a while. At the end of our conversation, I don’t know if I convinced her to join REALTA, but I convinced myself!

Team Gingras
Jean-François Gingras

They took the plunge.
The reason is simple:
putting values at the heart of their practice pays off.


I’ve been in the real estate business for more than 11 years now, and for me, 2023 was a year with a goal to overhaul my brand image. After researching a dozen agencies, I found the one that exactly matched the image I wanted to develop: REALTA. As soon as I saw the logo, the website, the offices and the team, I knew that the perception I had was the one I wanted my customers to have of me. I felt very comfortable and identified when I met François and Anne Marie. I appreciated the analytical side of François, with whom I feel represented, and also the image and marketing side of Anne Marie, who represents an area I need to develop. What’s more, the agency’s decor, brand color and name perfectly match the image I want to project. I would recommend REALTA to anyone looking to renew their real estate brand image.

Piero Tullio
Residential real estate broker

I left Équipe François Bissonnette REALTA 3 years ago not because I wanted to leave the agency, but because I felt the need to stand on my own two feet. After 10 years, I was ready to be on my own and become independent. Having the freedom to run my own business as I saw fit had become a necessity, but I could never have done so without the experience and learning I gained with the François Bissonnette team at REALTA. Today, I’m delighted that REALTA can offer me the best of both worlds – the solidity I experienced as agency director and an incredible brand image. I’m delighted to be able to work independently, knowing that I have the support of seasoned professionals.

Sébastien Vallée
Residential and commercial real estate broker

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